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Energy Strategy 2050

The energy strategy 2050 approved by the Swiss people the 21 may 2017 strengthens the necessity of exploiting renewable energy sources. The objective is to secure the energy supply over the long term, to reduce the energy consumption per capita, to improve energy efficiency and to promote local renewable energy.
Techniques supplying local renewable energy such as heat pumps water-water, vertical geothermal probes or small hydro power projects are reliable and in perfect agreement with the energy strategy 2050.BEG SA actively contributes to the energy strategy 2050 application since a large choice of services directly connected with the development of renewable energies are proposed: Read more + 

- Heat pumps water-water and heat exchangers

- Vertical geothermal probes and group of probes

- Energy piles

- Thermal energy storage in underground or in groundwater

- Small hydro power projects

- Optimization and protection of natural energy resources

- Environmental impact studies

The potential of deep geothermal energy is still not fully exploited. However, it interests more and more private and public projects.

-Deep Thermal sources exploitation and protectionClose


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Environment and Land use

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Interpretation 3D

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